Our technologies help people communicate with each other, create communities, pages and grow businesses around the world.

Register and create your account for free, create your account page and add your information. Create a public or private group. Find and add friends without a limit on the number, communicate with them in voice or video chat, create and share interesting posts: video, music, photos, postcards, files and much more in your feed, on a page, in a group. Follow your friends' messages, comment, share messages with your friends on Facebook, Twiter, Pinterest, Linkedin, WhatsApp, VK. You can also invite your Facebook friends to create a Chigidu account.

Chigidu to grow your business

Create a page or group of your business, attract interested people who follow you. Reach new interested audiences and customers with our Pro packages and triple your business revenue. Promote your posts to a premium block, promote your page, create ads, publish articles with direct links to your business. And luck will not keep you waiting!

Chigidu for developers

Creation of APi access applications is available for developers. Build an app, get an ID and private key, and integrate the Chigidu share button and authorization button into your site. It couldn't be easier!